Survive the Nights Wiki



Command Description Example Avilable Syntax
/add Adds to your own stats and takes stat name as argument. /add hydration 100 health - calories - stamina - sickness - mentalhealth - overallhealth
/add <stat> <name> Adds stats to another player. /add hydration 100 JB health - calories - stamina - sickness - mentalhealth - overallhealth
/ban <name> Bans a player from a server. /ban JB
/benchmark <res> <settings> <filename> Runs a benchmark test and spits out a text file with results /benchmark 1080p ultra test1
/checksnow Returns the amount of snow in the air and on the ground in chat.
/cleanup <num> Allows you to clean up the area of pickups within a given radius. /cleanup 100
/clear Clears the entire chat log.
/day <num> Allows you to change the day of the server. /day 5
/daylength <num> Sets the day length in seconds. /daylength 60
/deleteall Deletes everything from inventory.
/deleteall <name> Deletes everything from another players inventory /deleteall JB
/dronecam Enables a player to fly a camera around like a drone. Additional commands are on screen in this mode.
/dropall Drops everything from your inventory.
/dropall <name> Drops everything from another player inventory. /dropall JB
/flipcoin Flips a coin and returns the result (heads/tails) in chat for all user to see.
/give [name] <itemID> [qty] Give items to yourself or another player. /give 2502 3
/give JB 2502 10"
Give you one of every item in a specfic catagory /givecat 3
/god Toggles god mode on/off. Zombies will ignore and no visible damage effects.
/help <command> Displays help for a particular command in chat. /help give
/help commands Lists all commands in the game.
/invincible Sets yourself to be invincible, however zombies will still attack and you will see damage effects. You will not receive actual damage.
/kick Kicks a player from the server /kick JB
/kill <num> Kills AI in a radius. /kill 100
/killplayer <name> Kills another player. /killplayer JB
/lookup <item> Tries to find the item with the name you partially typed in and then returns the itemID /lookup cleaning
/mark <name> <color> Marks a player with a colored dot in the player list. /mark JB red
/month <num> Sets the month on the server. /month 6 1-12
/msg <name> <msg>
/t <name> <msg>
/tell <name> <msg>
PM another player /msg JB Why isn't stacking fixed yet?
/mute <name> Mutes a player in chat. /mute JB
/pausestreaming <true/false> Pauses streaming
/pausetime <true/false> Enables/disables time progression
/qualitysetting Shows what quality preset you are using
/qualitysettingcheck Shows which quality preset you are using - a lower preset or a higher preset
/resetachievements Unmarks a marked player (this is wrong in game)
/restart Starts a vote to restart the server or casts a vote against one that is already happening.
/restartserver <num> Restarts a server after <num> seconds. /restart 60
/rolldice Rolls two dice and return the sum in chat for all users to see.
/screenshot Creates a screenshot and saves it to the desktop.
/screenshotmode Opens the screenshot mode. Here you can create a screenshot using one of the different modes. Commands are shown on screen.
/setrank <name> <num> Sets another players rank. Note: You can only set a player with lower rank than your own and only to a rank that is also lower than yours. Player must be online. /setrank JB 2
/soundtest Plays a sound.
/spawn Spawns a chosen AI where your crosshair is pointing zombie - chicken - fox - stag
/spawnatposition Spawns an NPC at position /spawn zombie 0,0,0 zombie - chicken - fox - stag
/stats Shows the stats overlay.
/stuck Attempts to adjust the players position when they're stuck.
/time Setst he time in a server based on 24 hour cycle /time 12
/tp <x> <y> <z> Teleports you to X Y Z position in the world. /tp 1 2 3
/tp me <name> Teleports you to another player. /tp me JB
/tp <name> <name2> Teleports player to another player. /tp JB Num47
/tp <name> me Teleports a player to you. /tp JB me
/tp <preset> Teleports you to a preset location. /tp me unionpoint
/tppreset [add/remove/list] Helper utility for adding, removing and overwriting tp presets. /tppreset list
/tppreset add base
/tppreset remove base
/trygive <item> Tries to find the item of the name you partially typed in and gives you one of each item found. /trygive axe
/unban <name> Unban a player from the server /unban JB
/unmark <name> Unmarks a marked player. /unmark JB
/unmute <name> Unmutes a player in chat. /unmute JB
/up Teleports you up the the ground or onto a building above you.
/videomode Enables/disables video mode. Video mode disables UI.
/weather <type> Sets the weather on a server. /weather snow clear - rain (or lightrain/lightstorm) - heavyrain (or heavystorm) - storm - lightsnow - snow - heavysnow
/weather <on/off> Toggles the weather on and off.