Survive the Nights features a calorie system that requires the player to periodically feed themselves lest they become sluggish, or in extreme cases, die of starvation.

About the Calorie SystemEdit

We would like realism to be maintained here. If a player doesn't eat for a few hours, he won't die, but will become sluggish. Death from starvation should take a number of days at minimum. We want hunting/trapping and foraging to not just be a chore but a real benefit to the player. A weak under fed traveller will be sluggish slow to action unable to carry a decent amount of weight. The opposite being true also, a traveller with a high calorie diet will move faster, aim better, carry more weight etc.

  • Trapping small animals and rodents
  • Hunt larger game like deer, fox, sheep
  • Fish in lakes and ponds
  • Find canned goods and preserved food supplies
  • Forage for wild berries and edibles
  • Take to streams to fill water bottles or activate well pumps in homes to access the water supply