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Calories and You!

Health HP/Stamina/Weight Calories to Level
1 110 1600
2 120 2000
3 130 2400
4 140 2600
5 150 3000
6 160 3400
7 170 3800
8 180 4200
9 190 4600
10 200 5000 (max)

Calorie intake is an important part of your daily routine. Throughout the day, you will hear your stomach grumble if you have not eaten. Calories are an important part in surviving in STN! At the end of each night your Overall Health will increase, decrease, or stay the same depending on the amount of food you consume that day. Your current status can be checked on the player stat screen and will let you know what you need to do to make sure you increase/remain at your current Overall Health. Keep in mind calories are not the only thing that will affect your overall health- factors such as mental state, sickness, and hydration can play a part as well!


Fire Barrel.png Camp Fire.png Wood Stove.png Fire Hearth.png
Campfire and Grill.png

It is best to avoid eating uncooked food as much as possible. Not only does cooking give a calorie boost, but it also eliminates risks of sickness. Water canteens can also be purified by "cooking" them. At this time, only canned foods and animal meats can be cooked. Boxed foods and water bottles will simply catch on fire.

Foods can be cooked at a Fire Barrel, Camp Fire, Wood Stove, Wood Stove, Fire Hearth, or Campfire combined with a Campfire Grill.

Boxed Food

  • Consuming boxed foods will give 1 Cardboard back to the player.
  • Disregard any descriptions stating a boxed food can be cooked. This is currently no longer possible, but can still be added to Stew.

Canned Food

  • All canned foods can be eaten raw with a Can Opener.
  • Consuming canned foods (raw or cooked) will give 1 Empty Can back to the player.
  • Canned foods will automatically pop open when cooked over a fire without the need of a Can Opener.


  • Note: Dirty/Clean water bottles and all canteens currently share the same in game model.

How to craft a canteen and purify dirty water

Harvested Animal Meat

  • Note: All meats currently share the same 3D model with slightly lighter/darker shades.

Harvested Plant Food

Special Food