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How to Craft in Survive the Nights

Crafting a Wood Axe

Crafting is simple. First the player needs to access the crafting menu, to do so click the ‘Create’ tab in the ‘|Inventory|’ or by pressing the default craft key [O]. Once the ‘Create’ tab is selected the inventory item buttons are replaced with a set of crafting related buttons. Next to every time you have in the inventory you’ll now see [Search] and [Recipe]. If the player were to click on the [Search] button next to an item it the crafting menu on the left side of the page would return any recipes that may create the searched item. If the player were to click on the [Recipe] button the page on the left would return all recipes containing that item. In the video to you'll see the basics of crafting as the player crafts a wood axe from Timber up.

Current in Game Craftables

The majority of items in the game are craftable, and can be found in the Items section of the wiki.