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Black Island is full of buildings left from their current inhabitants former lives ranging from small shacks, to mighty appartment blocks. Each of these buildings have pros & cons both in your fight against the dead, and from the living. All structures can be fortified to protect you, your team and your belongings.

Types of houses[]


Shacks and log cabins can be found in the rurial forest areas of Black Island. Typically only accommodating the bare nessecities of life with a single bed (possibly in a seperate bedroom), single living area and kitchen space. These buildings are out of the way but offer little protection if your defenses fall to the Hordes.

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Single story houses[]

Houses along the roads and in towns can offer additional space for the lone survivor or much needed 'me time' for those travelling in small groups. Sporting one or more bedrooms, bathrooms and open plan living and kitchen spaces you may even forget the world ended until sunset.



Bunkers can be found close to many roads on Black Island. Sporting a workshop room and a single storage area these wont make for the best places to live but will help you stay alive in a pinch, or keep your hard-earned loot safer.

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Two-story Houses[]

Scattered across Black Island are larger homes with second stories and even attached garages to give your brand new pickup a safe place to survive the night with you! These houses multiple living spaces and a kitchen downstairs with bathroom, bedrooms and even more living spaces above. Windows on the second floor can give good firing angles on attackers and provide emergancy exits when things do south (if you remember to roll).

Stand alone Gargages[]

Alongside houses some blocks sport stand alone gargages that house one or two small vehicles from the elements, the dead, and your neighbours that have sticky fingers.


Farmhouses are large dewlings found in the centre, or adjacent to farms. Often with clear views of the surrounding landscape you'll have plenty of time to mount a defense against Intruders. Two living spaces, open plan kitchen with multiple bedrooms upstairs. Farmhouses are surrounded by covered padoes.


Small Apartment Block.png
4-story blocks[]

Small block of 3 apartments wrapped around a central stairwell. Each apartment has a single bedroom, bathroom and the remainder of the space is split into large living spaces and a open plan kitchen.

  • These Apartments are great sources of food and small caliber ammo
  • Zombies may spawn if all apartment doors are not locked
Large Apartment Block.png
Apartment Towers[]

Union point takes one step more and provides the bold survivors with large appartment towers. Featuring two fully furnished apartments per floor these towers can handle even the largest of groups! However with only one entrance on the ground floor you may want to beef your defenses up or face a final stand in the skies of Union Point.

  • Each apartment will need to be locked down to avoid respawns
  • Great source of food if fully cleared
  • Access is limited to the front door and the lobby roof access. If defenses fail at the lobby there's only one way to go. Up
  • If PvP is enabled keep in mind jumping from higher floors into apartments is possible