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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Survive the Nights. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

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Basic game play[]

Map & Compess[]

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One of the first things you should do is get yourself a map! You can find these in any bus stop or grocery store as well as scattered around the map in rubble/rubish.

Once you have a map you need to get yourself a compass so you can find out where you are! These can be found in the world or by crafting a slower DYI one.

Day / Night Cycle[]

Survive the nights uses a 45 minute day to night cycle. The time of day can affect the level of lighting of your surroundings, aggressiveness/number of zombies or if you need to deal with a Horde!

Breakdown of Day/Night
Time of Day Length
Morning 12:45
Afternoon 15:45
Evening 3:45
Night 15:45


Each night from your first day you will need to deal with a horde of zombies. The amount of zombies in your horde will depend on the level you have completed; if you complete #1 you will progress to #2 on the next night.


At the beginning of each night you will be warned that a horde is approaching, the hordes level and the direction they are coming from.


Geared to fight your horde? Good man the barricades and kill them to progress to the next level! Some notes below to keep in mind when fighting your horde

  • If your horde can not path to you they may de-spawn failing the horde
  • If you are in a group not all the zombies will be yours and if you get too many of the kills your friends may fail
  • Each Horde will have more zombies be sure to be ready to face them. No shame in running!


Sometimes you gotta run, no shame not all of us are Cherry Darlings! All you need to do to flee is leave the area of your horde, after which you may return to normal night zombies.

Horde Levels[]

Not all hordes are created equal and as you process through harder fights you will see more and more zombies. It is recommended to flee if you don't have the firepower to take on some of the higher levels.

Math for calculating the number of zombies is:

  • Old Horde level number of zombies + new level
  • Example: Level 4 to level 5 is 13+5=18
Horde to Number of Zombies
Horde Level Number of Zombies
1 4
2 6
3 9
4 13
5 18
6 25
7 37
8 42
9 48
10 55
11 68


Tool tip showing keyboard controls

Control settings can be found in the 'controls' section of the options menu

Keybind On Foot Vehicle Notes
W Walk Forward Drive Forward
S Walk Backwards Drive Backwards
A Walk Left Turn Left
D Walk Right Turn Right
Shift Sprint
Space Jump
C Crouch toggle
Keybind On Foot Vehicle Notes
Left mouse Attack / Shoot
Right mouse Aim
R Reloading
V Flashlight Headlights Hold for Siren
Scroll Wheel Cycle
Keybind On Foot Vehicle Notes
E Interact
F Inspect
I Open Inventory
O Open Crafting
P Open Guide
M Open Map
Tab Player List
T Open Chat
K Voice Chat

Auto Sprint: Equals

Tips and tricks[]

Tip 1: Map knowledge[]

This one's only one step above "W to move forward" but map knowledge is key to your survival! Both against players, and finding ammo, guns, food, etc. Be sure to expore each town as you move around, look for things like:

  • Garages with no doors, only a roller one
    • These garages are key to early survival as you learn to play as zombie hordes can not reach you inside
  • Sources of food, carparts, guns, ammo, and medical supplies
    • Food can be found in kitchens (weird I know!), stores and on selves of most houses.
    • Carparts can be found in cars themselves, and industrial buildings.
    • Most houses will have random spawns of ammo, and it's common to find a gun on the fireplace, or on/by a bed.. You should also be on the look out for gun stores, they wont have many but a good double barrel shotgun will save your life!
    • Medical supplies can be found everywhere! Be sure to check bathrooms and save any first aid kits you find

Tip 2: Stew[]

Not a stew trick at all but remember to stew everything! Stewed foods give more calories and weigh less in the cooking pot this can allow you to survive on more food without the issue of always be looking for food. It's strongly recommended to find a rife (the AR or the sniper are best) and hunt deer until you have one or more pots!