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This template is used to display one or mote platform logos/icons with a release date. It is intended for use in the platform parameter of {{RFP about}}.


{{RFP platform


  • Platform parameters: include a link to a purchase page or some other relevant page for that platform's version of the game, - to show the logo/icon with no link, or blank to omit the logo/icon. The available parameters include:
    • windows
    • mac
    • linux
    • android
    • ios
    • ps3
    • ps4
    • psvita
    • xbox360
    • xboxone
    • 3ds
    • wiiu
    • switch
  • id: The ID for the <div> that contains the entire responsive flex passage.
  • style: Inline CSS styles for the <div> that contains the entire responsive flex passage.
  • releasedate: The release date for the given platforms.

CSS notes

When rfpbox has a dark background in the wiki skin, the skin css should include:

.rfpplatformdarkinvert {
  filter: invert(100%);

And if it has a light background, then this should be included:

.rfpplatformlightinvert {
  filter: invert(100%);